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The Cryers are a rockin’ band from New Jersey that give their sound to the classic rock genre. Formed in the early 90s, The Cryers have been onstage with numerous rockers such as Denny Laine, Terry Sylvester, Mark Lindsay and more. Joe Orlando, known as the band’s leader discusses the history of the band, working with classic rock artists and other projects he is involved with.


John Ford Coley was half of the singing duo with England Dan during the 1970s and the pair had many hits on the charts such as “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight” and “Love is the Answer”. These days, John tours all over the country and the world singing the signature favorites as well as his new material. He shares his thoughts on music, inspiration and longevity of his career.


“Arc of a Romance” is Robbie Dupree’s last 4-track EP that combines the classics with more “modern” songs from days gone by to create a unique sounding collection that music fans will love. Many will remember his hit songs from the 80s such as “Steal Away”, “Hot Rod Hearts” and “Brooklyn Girls”. Robbie’s career has lasted over thirty years and he has always given quality music to his fans.


Comedian Jack Vale will be coming to the Strand Theatre in Fremont, Ohio in October. Jack is a comedian who is noted for doing many pranks including the hilarious “Pooter” antics. Brennan Willis of Rewire Media is assisting with bringing Jack to the area and has also written theme music for a few of Jack’s videos.


Pauline Butcher’s life took a turn on a rainy day in London during 1967 when she was called to transcribe song lyrics for a gentleman named, Mr. Zappa. It was a single moment that changed the course of her direction for the next three years. In her autobiography, “Freak Out! My Life With Frank Zappa”, Pauline describes how working for and being part of the Zappa family as well as their entire entourage made for an interesting rock and roll life.


Gloria Jones was the soul mate to Marc Bolan (T. Rex). She was the original singer of “Tainted Love” which was later a hit by 80s group, Soft Cell. Gloria has immersed herself in many music projects over the years and a very special one is currently seeing the fruition of The Marc Bolan School of Music & Film. The school is being built in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Gloria shares her passion for music, life and her greatest love who was Marc Bolan.


Damon Harris has a new single, “You Are My Woman” which is a song all women love to hear. Its words are beautifully written with a meaningful message. Damon shares his inspiration for the song, his future plans and surviving cancer. Damon spent five years with Motown’s hottest group, The Temptations, having replaced original member Eddie Kendricks.


Shawn Daley has definite thoughts and ideas to assist musicians when they seek to get their music recorded and noticed. He operates Mohawk Studio in Huron, Ohio. Shawn has a unique approach to life, music and doing your best.


Tom Constanten (aka: TC) was the keyboardist for The Grateful Dead during the late 60s/early 70s. Tom will be doing a show on July 7th at Nelson Ledges. (Cleveland, OH) He shares his thoughts on music, inspiration and how he prepares for shows. A remarkably gifted musician who is trained in classical music and was once an “Artist-in-Residence” at Harvard!


Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Roxanne Fontana followed her dreams of being a rock star, songwriter, artist, designer and poet. She travels a path of rock and roll reckless despair yet bounces back time and again. She earned every one of her musical scars to be where she is now.


Get your motors runnin’ as Ohio Bike is roarin’ back to the area with great entertainment. Beginning on June 1 and ending on June 10, Ohio Bike Week is a great way to kick off the summer season. After talking with promoter, Steve Ernst, you will want to check out what is planned for each day! There is something for everyone during Ohio Bike Week. (www.ohiobikeweek.com)


Andy Powell is the last original member left of England’s band, Wishbone Ash. He has stayed the course to keep the band going for over 40 years. Wishbone Ash is best known for their twin lead guitars. Andy discusses the band’s latest CD, “Elegant Stealth” and the reasons why he feels the band has such longevity. Wishbone Ash will be doing a show at The Winchester (Lakewood, OH) on May 1.


Love Affair will be reuniting for the first time in nearly thirty years with all five original members. Love Affair had enjoyed a ten year run that brought them their hit, “Mama Sez”. Originally from Cleveland, the band has traveled extensively, released several albums and enjoyed a large fan base before going their separate ways. Their reunion gig will be at The Tangier in Akron, Ohio on April 28 where two shows have been scheduled. Each member shares their memories and the feeling of reuniting now.


Clyde, Ohio resident Larry Nyfenger remembers a warm, sunny day in 1958 when he and his buddy were guests at the Grand Ole Opry. Larry was in the Army and a member of the 101st Airborne when Ernest Tubb (one of the pioneers of country music) emerged from a black Cadillac while Larry and his buddy, Albert were outside the gates of the Grand Ole Opry. The story is one of character and a love of the USA. (and country music!)


Cleveland, Ohio native Scotty Kormos knows that success comes from taking as many opportunities as you can and letting people know you are out there and willing to do the work. Scotty is the drummer for the house band on CMT’s, The Singing Bee. He is involved with a host of other projects that keep him in the front of the line when new opportunities present themselves. He knows the recipe for success!


Paul Pope is a Cleveland native who has been in the music scene for over thirty years. He has enjoyed success with bands, Molkie Cole and the Paul Pope Band. Paul will be doing a reunion gig with the Paul Pope Band at The Winchester (Lakewood, OH) on April 21 and will be traveling to other locations to bring back the music memories that fans have enjoyed.


Youngstown band, Makayla Dawn is moving forward with a new CD, pending tour and being able to be the opening act for artists such as Gilby Clark, Jackyl and LA GUNS. Bass player, Mike Schneider discusses what his plans and hopes are for the band.


Former Santana drummer, Michael Shrieve is best known for his performance at Woodstock ’69 when the peace and love generation wove its way into some of the best music of our time. Michael has many projects in the works and shares his thoughts about his time with Santana and beyond.


During the mid to late 60s, Billy was known for being part of the music trio, Dino, Desi and Billy. After that he toured with the Beach Boys for several years. He is currently the Music Director and Tour Manager for Al Jardine of the Beach Boys. Billy shares his background in music, current projects and what the 60s meant to him.


If anyone has seen the later episodes of The Brady Bunch television show, then one will remember Cousin Oliver! Robbie Rist played the role of the adorable Cousin Oliver as well as a host of other television, commercial and voice over roles. He has worked with some incredible “old school” Hollywood talent. Robbie shares past experiences, reasons why childhood actors go off the beaten path and what his current projects involve.


Don King is the brother of the late Tom King who played guitar for The Outsiders. Their hit, “Time Won’t Let Me” has received over four million air plays and was one of the most recognizable songs for the 60s generation. Don shares his thoughts about his brother as well as ideas about music.


The Wrecking Crew was a group of session musicians who played on nearly every hit that rolled of the west coast during the 1960s. Denny Tedesco who is the son of the late Tommy Tedesco has put together an incredible film/documentary about his father and The Wrecking Crew. Tommy played guitar, loved what he did and had incredible opportunities in music at a time when the entire culture was changing and evolving. Everyone will love watching this: http://www.wreckingcrewfilm.com/


J. Stixxx (Jeff Pepitone) is a seasoned musician with years of experience as a drummer and front man. He has defined his goals and ambitions to keep moving forward with his music career.


Slide guitarist, Eric Sardinas knows how to use the preachin’ pipe to deliver his blues, rock messages. For over twenty years, Eric is on the road for at least 300 days a year preachin’ the coolest messages with his music.


Cleveland radio DJ, Larry Morrow has enjoyed a career lasting forty years on the air for several of Cleveland stations. His autobiography shares a journey of how enjoying what you love doing is the best way to spend your days. Larry’s time on the air endeared him to many and he was like one of the family to his listeners.


Local area musician, Scott Stiert has definite plans for his future after his time with Plank Road comes to a close. He is ready for the next music chapter in his life with his future headed in the right direction.


Cleveland native, Billy Sullivan has made music his life and shows no signs of slowing down. From playing guitar with Peter Noone & Herman’s Hermits to working on his own cool projects, Billy is living his dream every day!


Keeping the legacy of Jimi Hendrix alive has been closely watched by his sister, Janie. She is very open with sharing her stories about Jimi, what she feels is his contribution to music and how it is for her to have had a brother who was one of the greatest guitar players in the world.


Cleveland area band, Jane Dough is taking us back to the roots of rock and roll. Their style of 60s influence has been refreshing as lead singer, Songbird shares her incredible story of who she is, where she is and what is next for the band.


Rikki Rockett has been the drummer for Poison for twenty-five years. The Glam-A-Gedon Tour is traveling to a city near you this summer with Poison, Motley Crue and The New York Dolls. It’s a show that you do not want to miss. Rikki lets us in on why this tour is so significant. “If you’re lookin’ for nothing but a good time, it don’t get better than this.”


Louise Robey is on a rockin’ come back trail that is blazing with her new hit single, “A Woman Scorned”. Louise shares her thoughts about music, the 80s, life, love and her plans for the future.


Steve Ernst, promoter for Ohio Bike Week has many great events lined up this year. It’s gearing up to be one of the biggest events ever as Ohio Bike Week celebrates its tenth year anniversary.


Wishbone Ash has been rockin’ with the unique twin lead guitar riffs for over forty years! Original band member, Andy Powell shares the joy, the longevity and what it takes to keeping the lasting legacy fresh and new for Wishbone Ash.


Robert Altman has been taking iconic images that speak the emotion to our culture for over forty years. His latest photography book, The Sixties brings to life the time of the season when life was changing, swirling and becoming.


He is known as The Bass King and is certainly deserving of his title. Charles has been playing bass guitar since the age of thirteen. He has had success with his band, Ozone through the Motown label and has been a staple in Little Richard’s band for over 25 years! Charles talks about his career, why he loves playing the bass and why Little Richard is like a second father to him.


Cathy Miller has been playing the viola since the age of nine. Her energy and enthusiasm for the viola is contagious as she makes it look so easy. Cathy discusses the differences between the viola, violin and what it means to her.


“Throughout my wretched life, there isn’t a friend, family member or fantastic opportunity that I haven’t shoved into a blender and mutilated.” Those are the words of Steven Adler, original drummer for Guns N Roses. Steven shares his joys, sorrows, challenges and life lessons as he discusses his autobiography, “My Appetite For Destruction”. He has lived life on the edge for years but was still determined not to become one of rock n roll’s casualties.


Local area band, Neon Black has established quite a name for themselves in the few short years that they have been together. They have had the rockin’ privilege to open for Whitesnake, Ratt and Bret Michael’s Rock of Love Tour. Front man, Tyler Stevens takes some time to talk about where the band has been, what they are doing now and where he hopes they are headed.


Fremont, Ohio band, The Undeserving has signed with Warner Brothers Records and will release an album in 2011. Two of their songs, “Something to Hope For” and “There For You” have been featured on several TV shows. Brennan, Kyle, Clay and Jimmie all share their thoughts on music, inspiration and being grateful!


Pop culture historian and author, Chris Epting shares his stories about celebrity encounters that are both humorous and touching. His latest book, “Hello, It’s Me” shares with readers much of the past, thoughts in the present and what might be ahead for the future.