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Watching television footage of The Beatles from their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show from 1964 began my interest in rock n’ roll music. Even though I was only five years old at the time when I discovered them I was still impacted by the way they sounded and looked.

I received an RCA stereo as a birthday present along with an Elvis Presley album when I was eight years old. The stereo could play 45 and 33 records as well as 8-track tapes! I could also switch a button between AM and FM radio stations. I spent countless hours playing records and changing the radio station until the well worn dials and switches had finally exhausted their purpose.

My other strong passion is that of writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing essays, poems, letters and keeping a journal. I like the process of putting thoughts together on paper. Reading the works of others and how they arrived at their finished product has always been of interest to me as well since we all have different ways of how events and experiences are perceived.

I looked for opportunities during my high school and college years to write an essay about Buddy Holly, submit a poem about the loss of John Lennon or do a class presentation on Woodstock ’69. I would always have a purpose to write and share something with my classmates and peers about rock and roll.

Combining both of my interests for writing and rock music has presented a way to put thoughts and conversations together and create written works with the intention for others to enjoy, appreciate and think about.

I currently write for LifeStyles Magazine (www.lifestyles2000.net) which is a family oriented publication that serves several areas within Northwestern Ohio.

I also write for The North Coast Voice Magazine (www.northcoastvoice.com) which is an entertainment magazine that serves Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding Northeastern areas.

My columns for both publications relate to rock and roll (classic to present), pop culture and the like. I believe that talking with others about what inspires and motivates them is a rewarding experience.

Other ways in which I keep my interests active and fresh is to attend various gigs and performances by different artists. I am a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. I like to travel, read and meet people who are active participants in their lives and enjoy what they do.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Education Bowling Green State University

In Loving Memory of my Parents

Eugene & Helen Marketti

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Denny Doherty


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