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“Over the last 24 years, I’ve been interviewed by 100’s of writers, but I’m always excited to hear from Helen. Her knowledge of the subject matter always astounds me. She makes her guests feel like it’s just a conversation. Thank you Helen!”

Denny Tedesco
“The Wrecking Crew”
“Immediate Family”


“I appreciate the zeal you have. I appreciate the nature of your questions. I thought it was a very good interview.”

Mark Farner
(Formerly of Grand Funk Railroad)


“I enjoyed talking to you. You are a very good interviewer. You knew how to keep me talking.”

Chris Hillman
(The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Desert Rose Band…)


“Thank you for sending the article, it reads really well and I enjoyed doing the interview with you.”

Jenny Boyd
(Author, former wife of Mick Fleetwood, younger sister of Pattie Boyd)


“You are a wonderful interviewer. You are open in a way where I had to think which path I was going to take because they were such good questions.”

Erin Dickins
Original and Co-founding member of The Manhattan Transfer


“I think Helen does a really sincere job of representing the people whom she interviews. She certainly did right by me when she interviewed me for my book, “My Long and Winding Road” and obviously is a young lady with a great work ethic which is pretty hard to come by these days. I look forward to having the opportunity of meeting her in person in the not too distant future.”

Angie McCartney


“Thank you so much for writing this lovely piece. I love that you quoted me exactly!!!”

Toni Tennille (Captain & Tennille)


“I have enjoyed this interview. You are the first person who was able to attend one of my talks and read the book. Great article, Helen! I would love a copy sent to me.”

Jeff Carlisi
38 Special


“Delightful interview. Thanks for making it so easy to do.”

Ron Dante


“Helen Marketti did a fabulous job of balancing a subject where people are naturally curious. Helen’s article is a good example of a blue print for people to read. I was represented in an interesting, accurate and honest way. It is one of the best interviews that I have ever done.”

Kelle Rhoads
Director, Musonia School of Music
Classic Pianist
(Brother to the late guitarist, Randy Rhoads)


“What a great job you did and what a beautiful, well put together magazine! I am so happy we did the interview, I loved it!”

Cherie Currie (Former lead singer of The Runaways)


“A very nice article and very accurate; a rarity these days. Many thanks for all your hard work in putting it together.”

Baron Wolman
(First chief photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine)


“Thank you so much for the very cool interview. My friend Annette Witheridge read it and remarked how strongly she could hear my voice in what you wrote!”

Angie Bowie
Author, performer, style icon and former wife of David Bowie


“After thousands of interviews I admit the novelty has long since faded. It was refreshing for me to have the chance (again) to sit down with Helen. She is always prepared and comes to the interview with interest and insight. Thanks for all you do to support my music.”

Robbie Dupree


“Helen, I think this is brilliant. You’ve done a fantastic job with the material. The whole thing looks great with the photographs included. I couldn’t ask for more so thank you very much indeed!”

Pauline Butcher
“Freak Out! My Life With Frank Zappa”


“Helen! Thanks so much for the review you did of my book “American Girl” — digging it so much; getting past my Brooklyneese and letting me take you on the ‘trip’ that’s been my unusual life. Even more so I really dug doing the interview with you. You tapped into things I wouldn’t have thought of, and I loved the Beatles vs. Stones question. (Haha!) You are a lot of fun and so wonderfully knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the ‘culture’ that is rock n roll, a culture that’s been so present in all our lives for decades, a historic culture for so many reasons.”

Roxanne Fontana


“I just read the article and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love it!! It really captures us the way we are….it’s probably my favorite article on us ever!!”

Rich Spina (front man/Love Affair reunion)
(currently keyboardist for Peter Noone & Herman’s Hermits)


“Andy told me you had a great interview. He said you asked some really good questions. Thanks so much for your professionalism.”

Kate Goldsmith
PR for Andy Powell (Wishbone Ash)


“I have done a lot of interviews in my professional career as a musician. None have been as comprehensive and correct as Helen Marketti’s interview. Thank you Helen for posing the sort of questions that yield responses that readers want to know about. Truly excellent work!”

Scotty Kormos
Drummer for the house band on CMT’s, The Singing Bee


“Helen…Can you send me the link to the interview? I want to put it up on my site: www.rickybyrd.com

Ricky Byrd
(Former guitarist for Joan Jett & The Blackhearts)


“Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. I couldn’t imagine another journalist being able to pry that much information out of me!”

Songbird, lead singer for Jane Dough
Cleveland, OH


“The interview went very well. I would like to share this with the fans on our web site.”

Andy Powell
Wishbone Ash


“Thank you Helen for such a precise article!”

Louise Robey


“The article is fantastic! If possible, could you send me a couple of hard copies so I will have the real thing? Thanks again for a great interview.”

Charles Glenn (The Bass King)
Bass player for Little Richard


“I would like to post your article on Steven’s face book page!”

Steve Sprite
Assisting with PR for Steven Adler
(Drummer/Guns N Roses, Adler’s Appetite)


“Wow! What an honor, Helen. I would love to use the article with my promo materials, if that’s OK!”

Cathy Miller
Professional viola player


“Thank you so much for all your politeness and keeping me abreast of my artists. I enjoy working with you.”

Anne Leighton
Leighton Media


“You were great at covering everything to talk about, Helen. You are keeping that same passion alive for what is going on with music and pop culture. Writing about it keeps it going so my hat is off to you.”

Chris Epting
Pop Culture historian & author


“You are very good at asking the right questions and have an obvious passion for the music.”

Ann Thompson
After the Gig
Cleveland, Ohio


“The article is excellent! I learned a couple of things about Brian that I didn’t know. I would like to post a link to the article on Brian’s message board. His fans always enjoy reading well-written pieces about him.”

Rhonda Brewster
Marketing Assistant
(for: Brian Ray, Guitarist/Bass Player for Paul McCartney)


“Helen, I think the article looks fabulous! Thanks again for featuring Pamela and her books.”

Laura Di Giovine
(for: Pamela Des Barres)
Independent Publishers Group
Chicago, IL


“Thanks so much for writing a great piece on my Rock & Roll photography over the last 40 years and for showcasing my exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. The exhibit LIVE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN from the LENS of GEORGE KALINSKY was a great honor for me and I thank you for your expert evaluation and overview of my life at the world’s most famous arena.”

George Kalinsky
Madison Square Garden


“Thanks, Helen. The article looks great!”

Bill German
Under Their Thumb


“It was a pleasure doing the interview with you. You are first rate!”

Damon Harris
The Temptations


“Great article – thank you!! I’ll send the link to my distributors (Atlas Books) and also to my Beatle pals and contributors. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it.”

Dave Schwensen
The Beatles In Cleveland


“A great article – thank you so much!!”

Dayna Steele
Award Winning Rock Radio Personality & Successful Entrepreneur
Rock To The Top (What I Learned About Success From The World’s Greatest Rock Stars)


“You’re a very good interviewer, Helen…so easy to talk to.”

Chuck Schodowski (Big Chuck)
Big Chuck & Lil’ John
Channel 8
Cleveland, OH


“The article looked great. (re: Big Chuck) I’ll keep you posted about other stories of interest.”

Jane Lassar
Gray & Company
Cleveland, OH


“The issue looks Great and the article is Terrific! Thanks for helping to promote Jimmy and Fairmount.”

David Loehr
James Dean Gallery
Fairmount, IN


“You sure have been a delight to spend time with during this nostalgic frenzy. Thanks Helen.”

Murray Saul
Voice of the Friday night “Get Downs” at WMMS ~ The Buzzard radio station.
Cleveland, OH


“Your interview was one of the best I’ve done. You asked all the right questions and it was conversational – not a Q and A. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for all the kind words in your article. I love it.”

John Gorman
Music/Program Director of WMMS ~ The Buzzard radio station. 1973-1986
Cleveland, OH


“I thought your article was affectionate and user-friendly, showing your enthusiasm for both rock and roll and journalism.”

Carlo Wolff
Cleveland Rock & Roll Memories


“Thank you so much for the article! All of us thought you did a real nice job and thank you so much for the opportunity to be interviewed. We really enjoy this medium to get the word out on our band and see our name in print. This kind of word really builds a band like us. Thanks Helen.”

Dexter Zirkle
Lead singer for Doors tribute band, Mojo Risin’


“I was contacted by Helen for an interview in conjunction with an exhibit honoring The Doors at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. (Spring 2007) The exhibit included about 40 artifacts from my own collection. I do not normally grant interviews, however Helen’s easy going interview manner allowed and encouraged me to open up and share my experiences as a Doors fan and collector. It was an extremely pleasant and fulfilling experience for me and I was delighted with the story she wrote about me.”

Ida Miller
Doors Fan/Collector


“The article was so good…I love it! Thank you for doing such a great job for the book. You are a wonderful writer and interviewer.”

Nancy Lee Andrews
A Dose of Rock n’ Roll


“Thank you so much Helen! I’ve already sent the PDF to the Rock Camp and they were very happy. Hope to work with you again in the future.”

Elaine Drebot
Public Relations/Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp


“Very cool and thank you Helen!”

David Ellefson
Former bassist of Megadeth/ Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp


“Job well done! Thanks Helen.”

Roag Best
Pete Best Band


“I think your article turned out really cool. It would be nice if there were a stack of them available at the Les Paul symposium. I’m thankful for your good vibes and energies.”

Robb Lawrence
The Les Paul Legacy


“Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL article!!! It is such a nice article! I am going to send it to the guys–I know they will be thrilled! We appreciate your article and support of the Nelsons.”

Liz Motley
Director, Media & Marketing