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Rock author, David Roberts has written a book that is a short but fun read for any Beatles or music fan. It is a collection of 50 pieces of trivia about those four lads from Liverpool.


Gail Renard was 16 years old in 1969 when she climbed up a fire escape behind the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Canada. She was bound and determined to meet her idol, John Lennon. He and Yoko were staying at the hotel for their “Bed In” for Peace. She wanted to interview John for her high school newspaper. Gail not only met John and Yoko but became their personal assistant and friend during their 8-day peace campaign.


Foreigner will be doing a show at The Hard Rock Rocksino (Northfield) on November 16. Lead singer, Kelly Hansen shares his thoughts on touring, current projects and playing with one of the best classic rock bands.


Cleveland native, Mark Buchwald moves on to Regional Competition in the Guitar Center National Drum Off!


The autobiography of Ginger Alden gives fans a true and heartfelt picture into the life of Elvis Presley. We are given an honest look at a generous man as well as someone who was used to getting his way. Ginger shares with fans what being in love with one of the world’s greatest entertainers was like. While her time with him was short, it already seemed like a life time.


As the son of the legendary drummer, Ginger Baker, Kofi has established himself as a very accomplished drummer in his own right. He talked about many different subjects ranging from his childhood, learning to play the drums, inspiration for music, working with students at his drum clinic, touring with the “Cream Experience” and building a relationship with his father.


Angie Bowie is a writer, rocker, poet and fashion icon. She works to bring attention to transgender, gay and bisexuality rights. Her outgoing personality and well-chosen thoughts take us from the beginnings of her book project and discoveries throughout. Angie’s latest book, POP.SEX is a history lesson on sexuality through the ages. It is a page turning book that gives us a history lesson in sex with a wide cast of characters. We go back in time as the book discusses the conquest appetites of kings, queens, pharaohs, emperors, philosophers, presidents, authors, artists, actors and everyone in between. Once thinking that life sure must have been boring “back then” turns out to be quite the contrary.


Gavin George may be eleven years old but this young man already has the gifted talent to make his dreams come true. He has appeared on the Queen Latifah Show, The Early Show and has played at Carnegie Hall. Gavin’s dream is to become a classical pianist when he is an adult. Gavin and his mother, Mary discuss how he got started with the piano and why he loves music.


Brian Southall has seen it all during his many impressive years in the music industry. His latest book, Banned On The Run – the music THEY wouldn’t let you buy (Poppublishing, UK, 2014) is a collection of songs dating back to the 1930s that were banned from airplay and exposure to the public. Lyrics were considered offensive and inappropriate for the listening audience. It is an entertaining E-book as we share in the stories of why many songs were given the axe.


Thousands of motorcycle riders will be coming into town for Ohio Bike Week which begins and May 30 and runs through June 8. There is something for everyone from daily destination rides, entertainment, vendors and that is only the beginning! Check out Ohio Bike Week 2014 and get your motor runnin’! www.ohiobikeweek.com


David Roberts who lives in the UK has recently written two great rock destination books. Rock Atlas USA and Rock Atlas UK shares wonderful stories, history and anecdotes. He shares his thoughts about Rock Atlas USA as we discuss our favorite destinations. It is a must read for any music fan who is interested in where historical album covers were photographed and much more!


The Righteous Brothers were a rockin’ powerhouse during the 60s with their beautiful songs that went straight to the heart and to the top of the charts! Their music has transcended over time and still relevant today as it was 50 years ago. Bill Medley will sing those beautiful songs on Saturday, May 24 at Hoover Auditorium in Lakeside, Ohio. My interview with Bill was not only an honor but an insight into The Righteous Brothers and their career.


Jackie Ganiy’s new book about the early demise of Hollywood’s fragile will take you on a journey of those we know and recognize as well as those whom we may have never heard. Jackie sheds a new light on many of our famous and not so famous stars who traveled to tinsel town with a hopeful dream but took a sad turn into eternity instead.


Jeanne Rose was a fashion designer for Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Charles Lloyd Band, The Everly Brothers, The Rascals and many more! It was wonderful to talk with her as she reminisced about those days. Fashion definitely went hand-in-hand with the culture and music of the 60s.


Grammy award winning artist, Melissa Manchester will be doing a show at the Sandusky State Theatre on Friday, May 2, 2014. Melissa has many long time hits such as Don’t Cry Out Loud, Fire In The Morning, Midnight Blue, You Should Hear How She Talks About You, Looking Through the Eyes of Love (theme from Ice Castles) and many more. She has a new album which will be released in the fall of 2014 called, “You Gotta Love the Life”.


The one and only Eddie Money will be doing a show at the House of Blues in Cleveland on Friday, March 28! We talked about his early days in music, a career spanning 40 years and much more! This was my second time interviewing him and he is ready to rock Cleveland once again!


My interview with Kelle Rhoads was very interesting as well as enjoyable. If the name sounds familiar, Kelle is the brother to the late guitarist, Randy Rhoads who played in Quiet Riot and later with Ozzy Osbourne. Kelle is a very accomplished classical pianist. He has several CDs released with another one due for release in the Spring of 2014. He still is involved as Director with Musonia Scool of Music in North Hollywood. Kelle’s mother, Delores, started the school in 1948 and now it’s in its 66th year of operation!


Gail Ghetia Bellamy is a native Clevelander and has several books and articles to her credit. Her latest book, Cleveland Summertime Memories is a wonderful walk down memory lane as people share their stories of days gone by. Summertime is a special time of year that many of us reminisce about the good ole days of concerts, camps, amusement parks, fashion and fun foods.


Chief Oliver is the police chief for the small town of Brimfield Ohio. His first book, No Mopes Allowed (Gray & Company, Publishing, 2013) gives a straight forward account of the Chief’s low tolerance for those involved with criminal activity. Brimfield Police Department’s Facebook page is followed daily by thousands of people from all over the country and around the world. People “tune in” daily to find out what Chief Oliver has to say.


Carl Topilow who is the conductor for the Cleveland Pops Orchestra discusses his love for conducting and working with the CPO. On February 21, the Cleveland Pops Orchestra will be doing a performance tribute to the work of the late Marvin Hamlisch at Severance Hall.


Air Supply has a career that spans nearly 40 years that began when Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell met in 1975 during the stage play of Jesus Christ Superstar in Sydney, Australia. Graham’s wonderful songwriting along with Russell’s talented singing voice had put them in the spotlight with many hits during the 80s. They are still going strong and will be at Akron Civic Theatre on Friday, January 31. Russell Hitchcock explains what keeps them going and the new projects they are working on.


Michael Weber is 16 years old and a sophomore in high school but don’t let that fool you. Michael is a very talented musician who seems to have definite thoughts on music, career and hopes for the future.


Jonah Koslen was an original member of the Michael Stanley Band in Cleveland, Ohio. Jonah wrote many songs that are fan favorites during that time. On January 18, 2014 at Akron Civic Theatre, Jonah will be performing the Michael Stanley album, “Stage Pass” with his band. Jonah shares his thoughts on music inspiration, new projects and the upcoming show.


Local area musician, Scott Stiert is establishing quite a name for himself as he continues his solo career with having a new EP released. He is the opening artist for Jonah Koslen (formerly of the Michael Stanley Band) in January at Akron Civic Theatre.


Sonny Geraci was the former lead singer for 60s group, The Outsiders who had the hit song, “Time Won’t Let Me”. He was also the front man for the band, Climax during the 70s with the hit, “Precious and Few”. Sonny is currently recovering in a rehab facility after becoming ill in April of 2012. There will be a two day birthday bash/benefit in his honor on Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16 at the Z-plex in Streetsboro, Ohio. I have interviewed Sonny’s personal assistant of 18 years, Rae Antonin and also one of his best friends, Dennis Tufano who was the original singer for 60s group, The Buckinghams.


WMMS was the most popular radio station in the country during the 70s and early 80s. It had an innovative staff who were not afraid take chances and bring great music and events to Cleveland, Ohio. Many years later those memories are being relived through a documentary where fans, former staff and music artists share their fondness of the greatest radio station…ever.


After 15 years, Julian Lennon has a new album which was written on his terms. “Everything Changes” is a collection of 14 tracks that speak to your soul and heart. Julian shares his thoughts about life, relationships, music and his current projects.


Abbey Road on the River is an annual Beatle event for fans who love the Fab Four. This year the event returns to Cleveland at the Holiday Inn, Independence. Joe Orlando, bass player for The Cryers shares how the band became involved with the event and why they look forward to participating each year.


The Goo Goo Dolls are currently on tour with Matchbox Twenty. John Rzeznik takes some time from the road to talk about song writing, the band’s current album “Magnetic” and the longevity of the group. Matchbox Twenty will open for them at Blossom Music Center, Cleveland on August 22.


As former lead singer of the 70s band, The Runaways with Joan Jett, Cherie Currie had established herself as one of the most recognizable females in the rock world when it was still dominated by men. She helped The Runaways break through that mold in a big way. These days Cherie still tours with her band and always enjoys meeting fans who have kept the memory alive.


Robert Landau was 16 years old when he first started snapping photographs of the rock n’ roll billboards that were popping up along the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. This was the early days of promoting bands and their albums but at the time Robert did not realize he was taking images that would later be part of music history.


Many will remember the name David Cassidy and think of him in terms of Teen Idol. His role as Keith Partridge on the TV show, The Partridge Family made many a young girl swoon. David has always taken his music and acting career very seriously even when being a Teen Idol seemed to keep him in a box of his fame. Since then he has branched out into theatre, Broadway and more over the past 40 years. He will be doing a show at Hoover Auditorium in Lakeside, Ohio on July 27.


Author, Deanna Adams of Cleveland just finished her first novel which will be released on June 19, 2013. Peggy Sue Got Pregnant is set in 1957 where a teenage Peggy Sue Lawrence is in love with her rock star boyfriend, Frankie London who is fast becoming a national sensation. How will she be able to tell him she is pregnant with his baby let alone tell her parents? This is a story that will tug the reader’s heart strings with all emotions as we go on an emotional journey with Peggy Sue that is filled with heart ache, happiness, frustration, tragedy and joy.


Marshall Crenshaw rode the airwaves during the 80s with the hit, “Someday, Someway” and he’s been making music ever since. A career spanning thirty years has given Marshall some incredible opportunities on and off the stage.


Ohio Bike Week will celebrate this year’s festivities from May 31st – June 9th. Promoter, Steve Ernst (Advantage Entertainment) is planning on one of the biggest years yet for the annual event which includes Cleveland this year on its event roster.


“My Long and Winding Road” is an autobiography written by Angie McCartney (Paul’s “stepmum”). It is a journey through her life from childhood, Beatlemania and beyond. Angie is just as busy now at the age of 83 as she has always been. She said she has no time to slow down or grow old which is the best outlook anyone could have.


Freda Kelly worked at The Beatles secretary from their early days at the Cavern Club through the madness of Beatlemania. She began the job at the age of 17 when Beatles manager Brian Epstein asked her to come on board. A dream job come true! Freda stayed with the Fab Four until the band broke up in 1970. This year, a documentary about Freda’s life will be shown at the Cleveland International Film Festival. Ryan White who was the director of the film shares the stories and experiences that have lead Freda to now share her story 50 years later.


Cleveland native Colin Dussault has been in the music business for over thirty years. His Blues Project band has recorded ten CDs and has a full show schedule all year long. Colin also has a side project with fellow musicians who do shows together as a trio act known as the Acoustic Side Project. Colin’s instrument of choice is the harmonica and while he makes it look easy; there’s more to it than meets the eye. Working from a blues inspired background, Colin takes on all genres of music and attracts a large fan base at each of his shows.


Cathy Richardson is the singer for Jefferson Starship. In her musical journey thus far she has taken the space of Janis Joplin with Big Brother & The Holding Company. She has also played the role of Janis in the stage play, “Love, Janis”. In addition to singing with the “Starship”, Cathy also has her own band (Cathy Richardson Band) and the Macrodots which is a partnership with Zach Smith, formerly of Scandal. Cathy’s journey is an incredible musical travel and is growing each day.


Baron Wolman was the first chief photographer at Rolling Stone Magazine. He has seen music legends first hand during an era when they were still “finding themselves” in a culture that was ever changing. Baron has had an incredible career doing what he loves. He currently has photo exhibits all over the world including Owens College in Toledo, Ohio until March 28, 2013. His images are timeless as he shares incredible experiences of how his journey began.


Cleveland author, John Tidyman’s book, “Gimme Rewrite, Sweetheart” is a recollection of stories from reporters, editors and photographers who worked the city desk for the Cleveland Press and Plain Dealer newspapers. Memories of the good ole days of press and journalism are from the 50s, 60s and 70s. It is a documentation to the days of competitive newspapers and what it took to get the story!


Author, Mark Masek has written the book, “Hollywood, Remains to Be Seen” for interested readers and fans about cemeteries in Hollywood and their famous “residents”. The two leading celebrity icons who still draw the most visitors to their resting places are Marilyn Monroe and silent screen film star, Rudolph Valentino. Mark discusses why people are drawn to paying respects to their favorite celebrities and why there seems to be an interest in their final resting places.


Angie Bowie is the former wife of early glam rocker, David Bowie. She and David were married for ten years and had one son. Angie’s book, “Lipstick Legends” dips into fashion, sexuality and a determined thought of a generation’s outcome. Angie openly shares her thoughts on a variety of topics. She is a refreshing spark who has lived a life thus far of expressing who she is regardless of what others may think.


Slick is the lead guitarist of Jefferson Starship. His musical background and history have spanned over 35 years. Slick is now facing the greatest challenge of his life. He has Hepatitis C and is in need of a liver transplant. He has a 50/50 chance for survival over the next two years without receiving one. Slick is very candid as he shares his experiences of his past and the hopes for his future.