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Nashville recording artist, Val Halla is currently on her “No Place” tour. She shares the scoop on why she has “No Place” to go, why her summer tour with Ted Nugent was the best learning experience she has had and what she thinks about songwriting and music.


Local musician, Christian Kaser is starting to turn the heads of music fans with his new album, “Lost In The Sea”. Seven original tracks will relate to your own life experiences. Open your mind, listen to the words and enjoy the musical tide.


Parma, Ohio resident Wayne Mesker had dreams to be in a band, become part of the music industry and make a difference in the world. These days he is doing exactly that!


New pop artist, Jann Klose first began his stay in America as a foreign exchange student from Germany. Now living in New York City, Jann is enjoying the release of his CD, REVERIE and is currently touring to promote it. Jann shares his thoughts about his childhood, writing music and the hit single, “Doing Time”.


Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull is classically known for introducing the flute to rock and roll. Speaking with poetic definitiveness, Ian shares his thoughts on music, touring and why the flute is his favorite musical instrument.


Peter Tork rocked his way into the hearts of many as one of the lovable members of 60s group, The Monkees. Since his Monkee hey day, Peter has continued his journey with many musical projects including touring with his band, Shoe Suede Blues. Peter talks about his time with The Monkees and how he spends his time today.


Former lead guitarist for Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Ricky Byrd’s musical talent has rocked with the best of them! He is now putting the finishing touches on his own CD. He said that he is taking the time to discover who he is and what he sounds like.


Robbie Dupree is well known for his 80s hits, “Steal Away” and “Hot Rod Hearts”. His new CD, Time and Tide includes the song, “Lucky” which he performed on the Jimmy Fallon Show earlier this year. Robbie discusses music and life as it was then and as it is now.


Neil Zurcher is best known for his “One Tank Trip” travel segments on Channel 8 in Cleveland. His latest book, “Tales from the Road” shares a journey that is filled with fun, touching moments, humorous stories and memorable experiences with the famous and not so famous.


The front man of RATT, Stephen Pearcy is talking about the band’s latest album, Infestation, his other projects and what to look out for when you’re in the RATT trap!


Ambre Lake was the season two winner for the heart of Bret Michaels on Rock of Love. Ambre discusses her time with Bret as well as current projects and what life lessons have been brought to her since then.


Edgar Winter is the creative mastermind behind the keyboard body strap, first to feature the synthesizer and has crossed many genres of music with his talents and musical expression. Being part of Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band has also been a dream come true for Edgar. He shares what his career has been like over the past 40+ years, influences that have changed his life and how he is continues to shape his own corner of the music world.


Garry Peterson, original drummer (and still active member) of The Guess Who recently took some time to talk about a career that has spanned more than rock and roll years. Garry has been a drummer since he was two years old. He shared his thoughts on music of yesterday, today and his time with The Guess Who. Garry has been with The Guess Who for over 47 years. Classic Rock has never been better with this iconic band.


Eddie Money still has Two Tickets to Paradise and that is any place where fans can hear his music. Eddie took a few minutes to share some stories and also sing some of his new material. (What a treat!) He knows how to keep weaving the magic filled with great music, talented song writing, a sense of humor and an ongoing love for what he does.


Deanna Adams understands why Cleveland is the rock and roll capitol of the world. Her book, Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Roots takes readers on a photographic journey to the rockin’ clubs, cool cats, hip chicks and great music, all by way of Cleveland, Ohio!


Interviewing original member, Tom Johnston of The Doobie Brothers was a very cool experience. He wrote one of their classics, Listen To The Music. Tom shares the story behind the classic hit and much more.


Chicago based band, Dot Dot Dot is tearing up some hot, rockin’ dust with many gigs all over the country and some of those are scheduled right here in Ohio. After spending some time talking with front man, Adam Blair, Dot Dot Dot definitely has something for everyone.


Their name alone should speak volumes. With hits on the charts during the 60s such as For Your Love and Heart Full of Soul, The Yardbirds had been part of the British Invasion. Three legendary guitar masters, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page all spent time as a member of the band. Original drummer, Jim McCarty tells me what he thinks it is that still rocks The Yardbirds!


Lou Gramm, former front man of Foreigner has lived a life of rock and roll fantasy while at the height of fame. During this time he has endured a series of life challenges that have changed how he views the world around him. Sharing a thought provoking and insightful story, Lou lets his guard down a little to let fans know what matters to him most.


Grand Funk Railroad is a band that made their mark in the early 70s with the sound of their original hits as well as their original spin on older versions of music classics to make it their own. Talking with original drummer, Don Brewer was a lesson in music history and rockin’ knowledge. They are indeed an American Band!


The Hollies are going to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. (March 15, 2010) With a legacy that has lasted over 40 years with memorable songs and rockin’ lyrics, The Hollies emerged from the British Invasion tidal wave that swept America during the 60s. Tony Hicks, who has been with the band since its early beginnings takes some time to reflect on life then, now and always.


Rhonda Brewster has taken the scenic route to find her niche in living in California, working for one of Hollywood’s oldest companies and also being a marketing assistant to Brian Ray. (Brian is the bass guitarist for Paul McCartney) Rhonda shares her stories of difficult moments mixed in with how wonderful life can be.


Ann Thompson has a love in her heart for Cleveland music and its band connection. Creating her web site, After The Gig, Ann has provided a place for musicians and fans to gather and share their passion for rock and roll. She also is the Merchandise Director for Pink Floyd tribute band, Wish You Were Here. Ann shares her thoughts on how incredible it is to be around the best musicians that Cleveland has to offer. After all, it is the rock and roll capitol of the world.


Chris O’Dell was a personal assistant at Apple Records Corporation for The Beatles during the late 60s. Her autobiography delves into a life that many Beatle fans could only dream of. Chris did indeed have access, insight and above all, trust and friendship with the most famous rock band in the world. Though her journey was sprinkled with fun and love; it was also an experience that brought about episodes of struggle, sadness and destruction of her own life. It is more than a “tell all” about rock stars; it is a journey to find herself as well.


The CoCoBeanOs are the North Coast’s favorite rockin’ party band. Incorporating cover songs with their own original material, The CoCoBeanOs are ready to rock and move forward to the next level.


Jeff Carlisi, founding member of the band, 38 Special talks about his recently published book, JAM! that describes the connection between rock and roll, the business world and life in general.


Rick Edwards is the Web Designer and “official” photographer for the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York City. He shares many cool thoughts about music, photography and what makes an ideal photo.


Trina Yannicos has managed to keep her passion for music, travel and writing on the move with her many projects. One of her endeavors is being the current editor for Daytrippin’ which is an on-line “Beatle Zine”. Trina has specific thoughts about her favorite band.


Beginning his career as a teen heart throb, Ricky Nelson had a music career that put many hit songs on the charts. His career seemed to have reached its peak between the late 50’s and early 60’s. Though the later part of his career would serve as soul searching and finding his own place in the music industry. Talking with Matthew Nelson about his father gives us a glimpse of a life served with meaning, depth and rock and roll.


Rich Spina is one of the names you will find when searching definitions about Cleveland rock and roll history. From his success with Love Affair to his current projects and gigs, Rich’s passion for music is sound, deliberate and rockin’.


Ben Fong-Torres was one of the original writers for Rolling Stone Magazine, beginning in 1967. He has interviewed musicians, celebrities, politicians and everyone in between. His expertise with writing and interviewing has earned him a well-established reputation among the journalism masses.


Bob Masse has been designing works of art for the rock music industry since the late sixties. His concert poster creations have appeared on the walls of The Fillmore, The Avalon and The Whiskey a Go Go. His work has been requested from musicians and corporations who are seeking the look of the sixties to be captured for their own brand of uniqueness.


Belle Liao is the keyboardist and only female of The Cryers. Her talent and positive outlook has been part of The Cryers band since the early 1990s. In addition to rocking the stage with the band and playing with some of rock’s well-knowns, Belle also instructs others who aspire to be musicians at Monmouth Academy in New Jersey.


Dusty Street was one of the first female DJs to rock the airwaves in San Francisco during the late 60s. Dusty now broadcasts from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for Sirius XM Classic Vinyl. Dusty tells it like it is for the power of radio and music and how things have changed in radio since the early days.


Bill German was a fan of the Rolling Stones but also a journalist on a mission. Beginning the Beggars Banquet Newsletter from his home in Brooklyn, New York; Bill made his way into the inner circle and stayed there for 17 years. Beggars Banquet became the official newsletter of the Rolling Stones and Bill was privy, amazed, disillusioned, thrilled and disappointed all at varying degrees of his life which was spent with one of the most famous bands in the world.


Les Paul passed away on August 13, 2009 leaving behind a musical influence of creation and invention that made an impact on rock and roll music, its artists and how we hear the riff. Les Paul was the creative genius who changed the sound of the guitar and how we hear the riffs that connect generations. Taking some time to share his thoughts about Les Paul is author and studio guitarist, Robb Lawrence. Robb talks about his recent book that details Les Paul’s legacy and how it has changed our culture and our lives.


Brian Ray is the guitar/bass player for Paul McCartney. He also has his own band, Black Unicorn and a new CD, This Way Up. Brian shares his thoughts on music, song writing, his new CD and of course being in a band with Paul McCartney!


Artie Kornfeld is one the co-creators of Woodstock 1969. His visions of peace and love for one and all manifested a 3 day event that made for rock and roll history. Artie, also known as “The Father of Woodstock” still believes in the message of Woodstock and feels others should as well.


Pamela Des Barres is one of rock and roll’s most well known groupies. Although she has shared quite the story with her rock and roll memories in the form of well-known books such as, I’m With The Band. Pamela takes time to discuss her most recent book, Let’s Spend the Night Together where other gals (and guys!) tell their stories of sharing an evening or more with some of rock’s well-known. She also updates us on current projects which offers insight to her life that many would be surprised to learn.


George Kalinsky has been the chief photographer at Madison Square Garden since 1966. He has had the privileged opportunity to record historical events through his camera lens. His career has been challenging, humbling and never the same experience twice. George shares his thoughts of what makes a great photo as well as his memorable moments at The Garden.


Emerging from the folk-rock scene in Los Angeles during the 1960s, The Association was the first band to open the historic 3-day Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. They had many hits on the charts such as: Cherish, Along Comes Mary, Windy and Never My Love. Original member Russ Giguere shares his thoughts on the group’s history and contributions to music.


Janet Macoska has taken hundreds of images that illustrate rock and roll music in real life format. She shares her story of how she got started in a career that she loves and earns her living by.


The Monterey Pop Festival was a three day music explosion. It was the first music festival of its kind which was orchestrated by John Phillips (The Mamas & The Papas) along with their manager/ producer Lou Adler and a little help from their friends.

Jimi Hendrix is perhaps one of the most memorable guitar legends in rock and roll history. His style of expressing his musical soul through the guitar made for performances that fans would not experience the likes of again.


Damon Harris joined The Temptations in the early 1970s, having replaced his idol, Eddie Kendricks. Living a dream come true with becoming a member of the Motown group he admired the most, Damon also learned other valuable lessons of life, truth and purposeful direction.


Dayna Steele was known as the “First Lady of Radio” in Houston. For nearly twenty years she was a rock radio host who interviewed rock and roll’s greatest artists. Dayna had a backstage pass to the world of how rock stars operate. In her book Rock To The Top (What I Learned About Success From The World’s Greatest Rock Stars) Dayna shares her knowledge of how to find your own inner rock star to be successful in business and life. Now a motivational speaker Dayna travels the US to share what can be learned from rock stars.


Billy Hufsey has been in the entertainment industry for many years. One of his earliest roles was that of Christopher Donlon in the television series Fame. He continued with roles in several day time soap operas and guest starred on many television programs and theatre productions. Taking an eight year absence from the entertainment industry to immerse himself in the corporate world Billy has made a come back through his participation in the reality show Confessions Of A Teen Idol. With a new CD release plus television and radio projects in the works Billy talks about his career and what direction he is taking with his work.


The Beatles appeared in Cleveland, Ohio twice during the height of their popularity. Through a series of interviews with people who were there to make it happen as well as memories of fans who attended, Dave Schwensen captures the mood, atmosphere and nostalgic frenzy of what it was like when The Beatles came to Cleveland. Dave attended those concerts as well so his spark for memorable events is what put the book together.


Chuck Schodowski (aka Big Chuck) of Big Chuck & Lil’ John has been involved with Cleveland television for 47 years. Holding various positions at Channel 8 from camera man, engineer, writer, director and producer; Chuck has written a book about his experiences in and out of the studio. It is a hilarious and insightful collection of stories. Chuck recalls the early days as well as what he thinks about television now.


James Dean was a Hollywood legend who left quite an impact in his 24 years. His lasting popularity has influenced each new generation. Talking with Marcus Winslow (James Dean’s cousin) is an opportunity to see “Jimmy” through the eyes of those who knew him best.