My interview with May Pang this morning was truly insightful. We spoke at length and I loved her energy!! Her recent documentary, “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” is a must-see. Her time with John Lennon was one of the best times in his life. They were the right ones for each other and it is very sad they did not stay together. During his time with May, John reestablished his relationship with his son, Julian. He was going to collaborate with Paul McCartney once again. May’s story and role in John’s life has often been mischaracterized or dismissed. I have known May for several years and I fully support her setting the record straight. She will soon be traveling to promote her latest project, “The Lost Weekend: The Photography of May Pang”. Her photographs will be on display at Up Front Art Space in Cuyahoga Falls on June 9 – 11. May will be there as well to meet fans and discuss her time with John. I plan to attend and hope to see some of you there!