I am very happy to share that I have officially signed a book contract with Blue Jade Press (New Jersey) to publish Volume I of my interviews. After a few phone and zoom conversations with Blue Jade Press and with the advisement/guidance of my attorney, we have decided that Volume I will be a compilation of my interviews that have everything to do with The Beatles! Estimated publish date will be February of 2024 which will run in conjunction with The Beatles 60th anniversary of landing in America and appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show! I am working with a very talented artist for the illustrations and book cover. I will also have some personal archive photos included as well. I will start a Facebook page in the future of my book and hope that you all will continue to follow my journey. I have a “working Title” but that is not finalized yet. A list of my wonderful interviews over the last 15 years include Pete Best, Roag Best, Brian Ray, Denny Laine, Peter Asher, Edgar Winter, Julian Lennon, May Pang, Pattie Boyd, Nancy Lee Andrews, Angie McCartney, Freda Kelly, Chris O’Dell, Jenny Boyd, Gail Renard as well as other authors and tribute artists who pay homage to the Fab Four in some unique way, including Jan Mitchell, Dan Moyer, The British Invasion and The McCartney Project. More details to unfold as things progress… Thank you everyone!