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It has been 40 years since the hit song, My Sharona, hit the airwaves and became an instant hit. The song was made popular by The Knack’s front man, Doug Fieger. There indeed is a real Sharona who was the muse behind the song. Sharona Alperin takes some time to share her thoughts and stories about the iconic song, her relationship with Doug and her life after the rock star glamour.


If you are a Beatles fan, Paul McCartney fan or just love music, then you will want to check out The McCartney Project. Tony Burlingame pays tribute to Paul McCartney by entertaining thousands of fans every year.


Torchy Smith has written this book with great affection for those former television celebrities who grew up during the baby boomer generation. He has interviews with former television stars and Mousekateers. It is an interesting, fun and informative walk through memory lane.


Former Cleveland Plain Dealer journalist, Mike Roberts discusses his recent book, Hot Type, Cold Beer and Bad News (Gray & Company, Publishers 2018). As a young reporter during the 60s and early 70s, Mike shares many stories of his reporting experiences that include the JFK assassination, Hough Riots, the second trial of Sam Sheppard and the tragic shootings at Kent State. He also spent a little over a year reporting from Vietnam.


Anson Williams discusses his role as Potsie Weber on the hit sitcom, Happy Days plus other projects and resources he has been working on behind the scenes.


What first began as a dream has now become a reality for Shawn Daley with a little help from his friends. Shawn once had a recording studio at his former home in nearby Huron. It was functional and worked for a while but eventually he knew that the further necessities of working with bands, recording and producing where outgrowing their happy home.


Roag’s mother was Mona Best who is responsible for opening the club called, The Casbah in Liverpool, which gave The Beatles their humble beginnings. He is the younger brother to original Beatle drummer Pete Best. Roag’s father was Beatles road manager, Neil Aspinall who later became chief executive of their company, Apple Corps.


The wife of Wayne Nelson (Little River Band) shares her thoughts on life, career, and being married to a famous musician in her book, A Different Life.


Felix Cavaliere and Gene Cornish, original members of The Rascals, will be performing at The Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield on Sunday, September 9. Ronnie Spector, who was lead singer for The Ronettes, will be opening the show to get everyone rockin’.


Peter Noone was the lead singer for one of the most popular bands during the British Invasion of the 60s. Fifty years later, Peter is still singing the hits that placed Herman’s Hermits in classic rock history. Their recognizable hits include I’m Into Something Good, Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter, I’m Henry the VIII, Dandy, No Milk Today, There’s a Kind of Hush and Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat. Peter and Herman’s Hermits will be performing at Hoover Auditorium in Lakeside, Ohio on Saturday, August 18.


Cleveland area musician Colin Dussault has written a song for the children in our lives who may wonder if it will be a safe day at school. Gone are the days where we went to school and never gave a thought that an active shooter could storm the building. Unfortunately, in today’s world, it is something that must be considered regardless of city, school, or grade level. What began as a poem Colin has turned into a song expressing the emotions parents and their children face as the school day begins and ends. A collective effort came together when Colin asked other Cleveland musicians and students to lend a hand for this worthwhile project. In this Q and A, Colin shares his thoughts as to how this song transpired.


During the 1970s, television audiences saw several TV moms taking care of their families. Some recognizable character names that come to mind are Carol Brady, Edith Bunker, Louise Jefferson, Florida Evans and of course, Mrs. C. (aka Mrs. Cunningham). Marion Ross played the role of Mrs. C on the ABC sitcom HAPPY DAYS for the entire run of the show which was eleven years. In her memoir, My Days, Happy and Otherwise (Kensington Books, 2018), Marion shares heartfelt stories of her life and career. The book is hard to put down as she takes the reader on a journey where we feel we are taking part. During a telephone conversation, Marion discusses her passion for wanting to be an actress.


For over thirty years, Wayne Nelson has been part of the Little River Band. His lead vocals can be heard on many of the band’s signature hits such as Reminiscing, Cool Change, Lady, Lonesome Loser, Man on Your Mind and Night Owls. The Little River Band will be performing at Hoover Auditorium in Lakeside on Saturday, June 23.


The British Invasion is a band from Columbus, Ohio who prides themselves on taking music fans back in time for a bit of nostalgic fun. They perform the hits and hidden gems from the original British Invasion bands of the 60s.


Fans will recall the signature and memorable hits from Three Dog Night such as One, Easy to be Hard and Joy to the World among many more. As one third of the lead singing trio with a career spanning nearly 50 years, Chuck has traveled a journey of being one of rock’s kings to nearly becoming one of its statistics of mourning. March 13 will be the fourth and final edition release of his autobiography, Three Dog Nightmare.


During the late 60s and early 70s, hippies were not only concentrated in California. They were sprinkled everywhere in the United States. One of Ohio’s main cities where they congregated was in Cleveland, more specifically, The Coventry neighborhood.


Cleveland radio and television personality, John Lanigan has been a media fixture in the Cleveland area for a total of 47 years. He retired from radio in 2014. Discussing his recent book, “Lanigan In The Morning, My Life In Radio” (Gray Publishers, Cleveland) John has a wealth of stories and Cleveland memories that readers will enjoy.

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